You just lined up the best photographer in town and scored a kick-butt graphics designer to handle your next project. You sketched the logistics of your website on a napkin, selected the colors and researched your audience, so there’s no doubt it will look great. But have you given any thought to how it will read?

Without the help of a professional writer to convey a solid message about your company, you risk sounding like an amateur – or worse – being ignored – and these days, businesses like yours can’t afford that.

You need well-written, compelling content – words – to EXPLAIN what your company provides, ARTICULATE your mission statement and DETAIL the benefits of what you offer or what you do to your customers. Think about this: you wouldn’t trust a plumber to plan your wedding or the cable guy to remodel your kitchen, right?

Ahem… right?

Then why would you expect your photographer, the dog sitter or Aunt Martha to write smart content that has impact?

You need a professional writer who can compose smart, engaging content your audience craves. Whether it’s informative, entertaining or promotional, my writing will give your next social media campaign, brochure, website, newsletter, article or project the clarity and focus it needs to succeed.

Writing Services Portfolio

Below is a list of some of the projects I’ve managed in recent years.

    1. Blog Posts
    1. Brochures
    1. College Admissions Essays
    1. Fundraising
    1. Marketing Materials
    1. Media Kits
    1. Press Releases
    1. Resumes
    1. Website Content

Please contact me for a sample and references and to learn how I can help you and your organization.