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The freelancer hired to write your next cover story is MIA and your best reporter is on vacation sipping margaritas two time zones away. Instead of scrambling to fill four pages by Monday, what you need is a professional reporter who delivers accurate, attention-grabbing, quality content on-time. Whether it’s a straight news piece on the nation’s financial bailout plan, an in-depth analysis on the healthcare debate or a colorful feature about raising llamas, I can handle your next project. Why? Because I’m:

• A whiz at research (that will be helpful if we ever cross that llama story).
• Punctual with assignments, sources and deadlines.
• Capable of getting up to speed on anything, even geeky stuff.

Save the surprises for a birthday party

You can rest assured I will only deliver work that is assigned – I'll never surprise you with a story about whale-watching in Hawaii when you're expecting a smart piece on foreclosure trends in New York City. And I promise long distance relationships don’t scare me. We’ll keep in touch through email, phone and text messaging.

And when you work with me, you will never hear excuses like "the dog ate my story" or "my email program crashed" because all my publishing clients have access to a customized, secure password-protected webpage with my latest draft and graphics available to view and download. So in case your dog eats my assignment or your email crashes, you can still access the story you assigned me - day or night.

Learn how I can help with your next freelance writing gig, editorial assignment, web content or corporate communications project. Discover more about who I am, what I do in my free time and read my journalism clips. Email me at or call 704-660-7685.

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Hot off the press...

The Hartford Business Journal: Bristol Dentist Taps into Kiddie Beverage Market
The crowded market for healthy beverages is an extremely competitive and tough business to break into, but Ammar Idlibi, a pediatric dentist from Bristol, is determined to get his sweet but tooth-friendly drink on local store shelves this year. More >>>

The Hartford Business Journal: Franchisor sees fertile ground, seeks to expand its turf in CT
The grass and shrubs are not the only things taking root in Connecticut this spring. A professional lawn care company is planning to expand its turf in the Greater Hartford area by opening a third franchise in the region sometime this year and as many as 19 across the state over the next five years. More >>>

The Mecklenburg Times: 50 Most Influential Women 2009
Ready for a career change, Brooke Gibson didn’t bother looking for a new job after leaving her position as a sales and leasing agent with a commercial real estate firm earlier this year. More >>>

The Mecklenburg Times: Shopping on a smaller scale
As local retailers gear up for the holiday shopping season by offering longer hours, deeper discounts and cross-promotions, they say practicality and cautious spending are likely to drive gift-giving this year. More >>>

Lake Norman Currents Magazine: LN Collaborative Divorce Group offers a healthy way to break up
When their clients became embroiled in a heated he-said, she-said confrontation earlier this month, attorneys Laura Snider Baker and John Friguglietti, Jr. responded quickly to sort out the confusion before an emotional – and costly – meltdown ensued. More >>>

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